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Basic Med

Able to assist with the new Basic Med exam requirements.

Aeromedical Consultation

An aviators health is more complex than periodic flight physicals.  Any number of health, environmental, and lifestyle issues have the potential to ground any pilot.  Dr. Crinnian welcomes the opportunity to discuss in confidence evolving health/medical issues with pilots and outline a course of action to rectify the issue before they become a problem.  Just call or e mail for a confidential review of your potential aeromedical issue.

aeromedical education

Dr. Crinnian has lectured extensively at local and national Aviation seminars and meetings on various topics.  Having foundations both in aviation education and medical education, he is well suited to present a dynamic presentation on aeromedical issues and flight physiology.  If your aviation group wishes a presentation on any flight physiology/aeromedical topic, please call or e mail to arrange a topic and seminar.  

special issuance assistance

Many medical conditions may at first be viewed by the FAA as a disqualifying condition.  However, a majority of conditions can be reviewed and a medical certificate can be granted.  This process is known as a 'Special Issuance".   If potentially disqualifying medical conditions are known in advance or arise during your current medical certificate, it is vital that the AME assist you in developing the medical information database that the FAA will utilize in qualifying you for a certificate.

The requirements and processes of granting medical certification with Special Issuance is a service that Dr. Crinnian is well qualified in.  We will guide you in your communications with medical specialists and if needed, discuss you case with your physicians.  Additionally, we will help assemble the required information and testing results, produce the packet of medical information and transmit the information to the FAA Aeromedical Certification Branch to hopefully gain the desired result-a medical certificate.


For a growing select number of medical conditions, the FAA has created a new program of AME Assisted Special Issuances-AASI.  The FAA will authorize the AME to re-issue medical certificates under the provisions of the protocols for specific medical conditions.  We will assist you in the coordination and submission of AASI materials and guide you through the protocols for your condition.


To streamline your FAA flight physical, we urge you to utilize the FAA's MedXPress program.  This online application from the FAA will securely record your personal and medical data in the secure FAA data center.  We then will acquire the data and complete the application and certification process.

Start your medical certification process by logging in to:

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or e-mail our office for guidance or assistance.

FAA Class i, II and III Medical Certificates

We are at your command to schedule and perform FAA second and third class medicals.  Our state of the art facility will electronically process your application and utilize current technology in the medical examination.

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