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Stand DOWN for safety-Stand UP to errors.

If you are tired when flying, consider Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

Outline of your personal Aviation Medical Examiner selection protocol.

Escaping heat, flying high....and the flight physiology you need to know.

You personal way towards risk management.

A mid-air will ruin your day.  Review this article to avoid this pitfall.

How frost, ice, and wing waxing affect your aircraft performance.

Short review of visual and vestibular illusions that can impact aircraft attitude control.

Aeromedical and safety articles

Aviation safety begins with a solid understanding of many core elements.  The roots of aeronautics are based in the basic sciences of physics, biology, psychology, and law.  I present for your education, these short articles that review elements of aeronautics that hopefully will increase your safety margins in flight.  Click on the button to read the short article.

If you don't have the new 406 ELT technology, read this..

After your successful landing off airport, know this.

Help your Aviation Maintenance Tech help you, and save money in the process.

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Shopping list to assemble your aircraft survival kit.

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